Tuesday, April 10, 2007

aps; covering up criminal misconduct?

gil lovato has been accused of doing illegal criminal background checks.

I have been told that the aps police department does not have the wherewith all to do these kinds of background checks. therefore, he would have had to involve a crony at some other police agency; apd, bcso, or the state police. their involvement would have violated the law.

for as long as beth everitt, et al, continue to suppress the truth, these particular allegations cannot be followed up upon.

further, for as long as everitt, et al, continue to suppress the truth, the people who's privacy was invaded illegally, will have no recourse for remedy.

at what point does this all become too much?

the lovato coverup
the administrative complex coverup
the administrative audit coverup
the abdication as role models
the falsification of the record of board meetings
the suppression of public records
the denial of free speech rights at board meetings

does it ever become too much; or do they just get away with it because the journal and trib are covering their backs?

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