Thursday, April 12, 2007


During a lawsuit, there is a point where the lawyers ask for admissions; facts that are beyond dispute and therefore unworthy of wasting time in court to establish their validity.

I offer a list then, of admissions for Beth Everitt and await her response.

Superintendent Everitt, will you admit?

  1. Not one of the audits previously done by the Council of Great City Schools, has been offered to the public for their examination.
  2. The October 2003 audit of the APS revealed that the administration of the APS manifests a "...culture of fear of retaliation and retribution..."
  3. and that, that observation has prompted no documented policy change by the board or your administration.
  4. The October 2003 audit revealed that in the administration of the aps, "...evalutions are subjective and unrelated to promotion or step placement..."
  5. and that, that observation has prompted no policy change by the board or your administration.
  6. You, the school board, and your administration abdicated as role models for the student standard of conduct by removing from your own code of conduct the expectation that, "in no case shall the standard for adults be lower than the standard for students."
  7. You refused during at least ten meetings of the board of education, to answer the question, Will you hold yourself honestly accountable to the student standard of conduct?
  8. That the broadcast record of those board meetings was deliberately falsified to misrepresent your refusal to respond to the question except by stonewalling.
  9. That you refuse to release an honest and accurate accounting of the administration of public resources and interests in the uptown administrative complex.
  10. That you refuse to release public records of investigations of public corruption in the APS Police department.
  11. and that, that refusal cannot be ethically justified under the law.
  12. That you, as the senior administrative role model for 98,000 of our sons and daughters in the APS, are not honestly accountable to any standard of conduct which uses the word "ethical".
  13. That you will not release a candid and forthright accounting of the relationship between the leadership of the APS and the Modral law firm.
  14. and that, that accounting would substantiate the allegation that the leadership of the APS is not accountable, even to the law.
You are offered an opportunity for an unedited response by means of a "comment" on this post.

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