Tuesday, April 24, 2007

resetting the piece; NMIPRA

4/11) a public records request was filed for records of complaints against a specific public servant, with the APS EOSO.

4/12) the date of a snail mail that did not arrive until 4/14, denying the request.

the denial is based on a feigned ignorance of the law. They are pretending to misunderstand the exception for letters and memorandums of opinion.

4/16 pm) The public records request was enlarged to include the records of current, even ongoing, investigations of alleged public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the APS Police Department.

4/19 pm) The public records request was enlarged to meet the expressed needs of NM Attorney General, Gary King. The request for records now includes all records of the responses of the leadership of APS/Modral to public records requests. Also, an honest accounting of the public resources expended through Modral in an effort to defeat the NMIPRA and OMA in the "legal" system.

APS was asked to compile a candid, forthright and honest public record, and then to surrender it to the office of the Attorney General.

The Atttorney General has acknowledged his acceptance of responsibility for the principled resolution of these complaints.

The leadership of the APS has yet to acknowledge

not overspending at the uptown administrative complex,
not the deliberate falsification of board meeting records,
not the denial of the public's right to petition them on the record,
not their abdication as role models for students,
not the observations and recommendations of any previous audit,
not their deliberate decision to subject whistle blowers who expose ethical misconduct, to continued retribution and retaliation,

nor will they acknowledge the need for an immediate and impartial (forensic) audit of the leadership of the APS.

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