Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Darren White Show

There are those who think Public Safety Director aka "Sheriff", Darren White, link, is a publicity hound.

There is a running joke about
the most dangerous place in
Albuquerque right now,
being the ground between
Darren White
and a TV camera.

Apparently, or a microphone either; he has a radio talk show on KKOB.

For an hour or so every Saturday, he has the floor.

Today, he shared the floor with Police Chief Ray Schultz, and former crime writer now PIO,
TJ Wilhelm

They were basking in the glow of the solving of an eight year old murder. The cops who actually did the work, from locating the body to actually digging the hole, where not among today's guests on the show.

These men could not be more pleased with each other's performance. White says Schultz was the right person for him to have hired, and Wilhelm said Schultz is the best Chief of Police he has ever known.

I called in just a minute too late to ask a question on the air.

I was going to ask, so what's up with the Eye on Albuquerque?

If what you read on the Eye, link, is any indication of the truth about morale in the APD, these three have a problem.

If any of what we read about administrative incompetence is to be believed, these three have a problem.

The simplest path to clearing their name is to prove it; conduct an independent review of morale and other concerns of the rank and file.

To hear them tell it, they'd come out smelling like roses.

Prove it.

photos Mark Bralley

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