Monday, February 22, 2010

Will ethics reform and webcasting be on the call for the Special?

Will robust webcasting and archiving be on the call?
Will we get the ethics commission we so badly need?
Not if these folks have anything to say about it.

Governor Bill Richardson

Senate President Pro Tempore
Tim Jennings

Senate Majority Leader
Michael Sanchez

Senate Majority Whip
Mary Jane Garcia

Senate Rules Committee Chair
Linda Lopez

Speaker of the House
Ben Lujan

House Majority Floor Leader
Ken Martinez

House Majority Whip
Sheryl Williams Stapleton

Noteworthy; they are all Democrats; the entrenched party and therefore, the party most responsible for the past and current sins of commission and omission, and therefore, the party with the most to hide from voters in the next election.

photos Mark Bralley
except Garcia and Stapleton,
whose photos come from the legislative website

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Anonymous said...

And where does elusive, useless Denish stand, with her fakey-phoney "sunshine on government" ideals?
Not a peep from her..... of course.
Gutless. Useless.