Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So what's up with Michael Sanchez?

From a report on Democracy for New Mexico, link, I have learned;

Senate Majority Leader
Michael Sanchez
has tabled SR1.

Senate Resolution 1
was his own bill. It would have marginally improved Senate webcasting from a technological stand point, although he did include language that would have prohibited archiving; the creation of any incontrovertible and accessible evidence of his conduct and competence as the State Senator from link, from District 29; Valencia County.

It was one year and a few days ago, that our attention had also been drawn to this man's obfuscation in ending the culture of corruption and incompetence in state government, through ethics reform, link.

He doesn't want Senate Committee Meetings to be webcast. Because they could be recorded by someone.

And at his election, someone might come up with a link to incontrovertible evidence of his corruption and/or incompetence, such as but not limited to; during a Senate Rules Committee Confirmation Hearing on UNM Regent Jamie Koch, link.

He really has no interest in holding himself honestly accountable to the people, for his conduct and competence as a politician and public servant.

There is no reason, nor sum of reasons, to not webcast and archive deliberative meetings of state government officials.

Yet he is dead set against it. He won't even allow its discussion.
He gets away with it because he is a man of power and privilege;

even though the power belongs to the people, and
the privilege is purloined.

photo Mark Bralley

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