Saturday, February 06, 2010

Demand for independent investigation at UNM falls on deaf ears.

The editors at the Journal, link, have concluded that the most recent demand for an independent investigation of the Locksley Gate fiasco, will be ignored by the leadership of the UNM;

"Like a previous request of UNM regents (for an independent investigation), this one appears to again have fallen on deaf ears.
Certainly, if UNM President David Schmidly or any of the Regents had any intention to follow up on the demand, they would have said something by now, one way or the other.

It is clear, why the demand is being ignored. If Schmidly or any of the Regents gets involved in a discussion of the demand, it will become immediately clear that their position; no review, is philosophically indefensible. After all, if Schmidly et al, are telling the truth; that they have told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, an independent review would substantiate their claims and their tarnished reputation will be rehabilitated. There is no reason to not conduct the review, except that the review will reveal, they haven't told the truth after all.

The cost of the review is inconsequential.

It is clear that the cover up of Locksley Gate will continue.

It will continue, unless the Graduate and Professional Student Association, who picked this fight, is willing to take the fight to the next level. What that level is, is uncertain.

At the very least there will need to be a demonstration of some kind; hundreds of stakeholders standing outside someone's office, demanding that the investigation begin.

Else, the good ol' boys will win again, like they always do, simply by ignoring anyone who challenges their power and privilege.

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