Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hispanic Education Act passes both houses

Despite a lengthy and occasionally cogent argument by Senator Tim Jennings, the Senate has passed the Hispanic Education Act.

Jennings correctly pointed out that educational difficulties are individual and not the result of ethnicity. Therefore the difficulties should be addressed individually and not as a manifestation of race.

He also wondered, now that we have created a Hispanic Education Act, will we not in the next legislative session, be considering an African American Education Act, a Native American Education Act, a Asian Pacific Islander Education Act and finally a Poor White Kid Education Act?

For any student with educational difficulties, there is a list of appropriate interventions. Not one of those interventions requires first asking; what color is the kid's skin?

The insistence on following these courses of action, stems from the unswerving conviction that you can take thirty kids who have nothing in common except their age, and now apparently, their skin color, and move them in groups of thirty, in the same direction and at the same speed for 12 years.

When we finally are able to look at students as individuals, independent of their ethnicity, and apply individualized interventions, we will finally be able to address their individual difficulties successfully.

That legislation, unfortunately, isn't on the table.

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Anonymous said...

And for the idiots Veronica Garcia and Richardson that put this money-making educational scheme are the lowest of the low!
This erroneously tells children that they are failing because of their skin color! You are doing more damage to these communities!
You heartless, incompetent slimes!