Friday, February 12, 2010

Is Gerrymandering a Democrat Party value?

Following each census, the state is redistricted; sub-divided into districts from which legislators are elected. The idea behind "redistricting" is to create bodies of voters with something in common, so they can elect representatives who can defend their common interests.

In politically corrupt states, like New Mexico, the party in power looks at redistricting differently. They locate areas of political strength of the opposition party, and subdivide that strength so that it cannot elect opposition representation. Evidence of previous Gerrymandering, wikilink, is obvious when you look at a map, wikilink, of legislative districts and find districts that are a mile wide and fifty miles long, whose inhabitants share few, if any, common interests other than a preponderance of members of the political party in power; in this case, the Democrats.

The "spoils of war", they claim.

Yesterday, House Minority Whip Keith Gardner carried a bill, HJR 15, link, to the House Voters and Elections Committee. The legislation would have created a bipartisan redistricting committee for congressional and state legislative district boundaries.

The legislation was "indefinitely delayed" by the Democrats on the Committee; Rep. Jose A. Campos, Rep. Mary Helen Garcia, Rep. James Roger Madalena, Rep. Ken Martinez, Rep. Danice R. Picraux, Rep. Debbie A. Rodella, and Rep. Edward C. Sandoval.

"Had HJR 15 passed, it would have placed an option for the establishment of a bi-partisan commission on the next general election ballot, allowing the voters of New Mexico the opportunity to say how they wanted re-districting carried out. " according to a communication from the House Republican Caucus.

"By not enacting this bill, the Democrat controlled legislature will continue to determine congressional and state legislative districts."

Gardner said, "This is a sad day for democracy in New Mexico."

"Democrats in the legislature have sent a message that Democrat controlled redistricting is all but assured."

"Our hopes for an impartial, bi-partisan process are extinguished."

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

If you look at the school district map, it looks like an insane jigsaw puzzle.
Someone pointed out to me the other day that the school districts, like La Cueva "chop" pieces of their district out if it has trailor parks or low income housing in it.
That's why the school districts are so crazy-irregular. The richy-riches didn't want their precious cargo to be side-by-side w/ us "common people".
Thus, APS does have a "pecking order" for children, and their school is chosen by the quality of their housing.
APS is sick, twisted...but they couldn't do it w/o rich, corruptive people in business and government shaking hands w/ them and keeping the poor people "in their places".