Friday, February 12, 2010

Is it time to impeach Bill Richardson? or recall him? or something?

How many overpaid and under qualified political cronies must Governor Bill Richardson create cushy jobs for, before he has created too many?

How many questions must he refuse to answer, before he has refused to answer too many?

How much more crap do we have to take, before we fire him?

If we really want to end the culture of corruption
and incompetence in state government,
why don't we just cut off its head?

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Te creation of a fake NM film mueseum was like something Hollywood would come up with.
Richardson puts some female friend in as the "Director" of a mueseum that doesn't exist at a salary of $88,000. Then when critized, he reduces her salary to $50,000 and sh keeps her Director of imaginary NM Film mueseum job.
Where does his conniving bitch get off taking public monies. Richardson is a creep and she is a conniving bitch that was in on the theft of public funds!
Impeach him and put her in jail! MAybe that will set an example?

Anonymous said...

To make Denish governor at this point would make her not just the heir apparent, but the heir, to the governor's mansion. It would give her a huge advantage in November.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, with those that ONLY vote along party lines, Denish will be the heir apparent.
Other Lt. Governors have stood up to thier "bosses" in other states...why not her gutless self?