Monday, February 08, 2010

Legislative disconnect on archiving of webcasts

There are at least four, maybe more, webcasting bills; HR1, HR2, HJM15, and SR1. Three specifically ban archiving, HJM 15 calls for archiving.

HR2 was amended in House Rules, SR1 was introduced with the ban in place. I am unsure how the language got into HR1, whether it came that way, or was amended. The language in HR1 that prohibits webcasting is underlined, indicating that it was probably changed by amendment.

If HJM 15 passes without an amendment, if it does provide for the archiving of interim meetings, it would seem particularly silly to not then archive everything.

Rep Jeff Steinborn's support of archiving seems resolute. This particularly interesting since it seems like most Democrats are opposing webcasting and archiving.

Good work, sir.

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