Monday, February 22, 2010

More trouble brewing at Jimmy Carter Middle School?

Something is up at Jimmy Carter Middle School. Three of the four site administrators have been unavailable for several days; sequestered in their offices discussing "serious issues".

Students, always watching, have taken the opportunity afforded by the reduced oversight, to misbehave without fear of consequence.

The newest misconduct; vampire kids. Apparently some students are running up to other students and biting them on the arms, wrists and necks. This in addition to reported heightened gang activity, fights, drug dealing and drug use, and inappropriate sexual activity among students in portable bathrooms. (Note; these allegations come from a source I consider to be eminently reliable. There is no concrete evidence to which I am privy.)

By any reasonable measure, things are not going well at JCMS, and have not been for some time.

At this time last year, a School Climate Survey was completed at the school. A number of serious problems were revealed in the Survey, which was then kept (effectively) secret from the staff and other stakeholders.

It would appear to be time for another Survey. This time, stakeholders should be at the table when it is decided what questions should be addressed by the survey. This time, survey results should not be kept secret; they need to be laid on the table for comprehensive study in order that workable solutions can be designed.

It is out of character for APS leadership to gather empirical data that documents administrative shortcomings and outright failures. They need to step out of character and do the right thing here, even if administrative heads need to roll.

The staff at JCMS deserves no less. Neither do students, nor their parents.

This also presents an opportunity for the Albuquerque Teachers Federation to step up and do something to represent the interests of union members (and non-members) at the school, and be a little less concerned with sucking up to the leadership in the hope of guaranteeing future pay raises for those they represent.


Anonymous said...

Let's talk honest and straight forward, as adults, about the leadership quality @ JCMS....
1 of the principals is "rubbing one out" with a janitor after school hours in classes, office areas, and common areas, and many have witnessed this (They are careless). The principal is married, and so is this janitor. The janitor goes around bragging, calling his boss his "Ruka" (Spanish for "old lady / other woman")
This same janitor has also been caught in compromising situations with another JCMS leader, whom is also married.
Quick kisses and "I love you"s are passed between 2 other staff members, whom are "happily" married to different people.
Granted, these are all consenting adults, but as leaders, it makes them look like fools, cheats, and they are hurting others...their married mates.
So with this for a model of morals and virtue, can we start to see where the failings @JCMS aere?

Anonymous said...

JCMS instructors other than myself have noticed discarded condoms around the campus, mainly over by the portables.
No one wants to pick them up (of course), so they often lie there for days.
I, myself have seen 3 condoms @JCMS on different days, lying on the ground, seemingly used, and no wrapper in sight. One was tied.

Anonymous said...

Is this why there were so many questions about "gossiping" on the last Climate survey @JCMS?
How arrogantly preposterous to complain about people talking about the ethical & professional misdeeds you've done!
"Yes, 2 of us are being the "other woman" to 1 janitor, during his work hours, on school property,....but don't you dare talk about it!" is basically what these questionsa and their interpretations say.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that's a custodian at another school (not JCMS) in APS.
He has "done it" with at 4 different female teachers within 1 year, in their classroom, during his work hours (after school).
Here's a little info for you stupid teacher bimbos that want to "freak" with someone like him.... He has you on cell phone pics while he's "doing things" with you. You can even see school desks, windows, etc...
Sometimes he asks you to close your eyes...then he snaps a shot of your face.
Yep, I've seen 4 teacher-hoes on his phone in graphic detail, working him.
How would you like your boss, husband or boyfriend (or internet strangers) to see these pics/video?
You stupid sex-freaks! You are supposed to set a good example...not the worst!