Tuesday, February 02, 2010

On the same page, in the same book, on the same day, and at the same speed

The leadership of the APS has decided that every middle and elementary student in the entire APS will be reading on the same page, in the same book, every day, link.

This despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of those students would rather be reading some other book, a book they have an actual interest in.

Imagine a classroom full of students and a bookcase full of books. Invite them to pick a book that they are interested in. What is the likelihood they will all pick the same book? What is the likelihood they will read it at the same speed? The number "zero" comes to mind.

I can easily imagine a bunch of administrators sitting around and concluding that every student in New Mexico should experience Rudolfo Anaya's "Roadrunner's Dance". Never mind that in truth, there may not be a single student who wants to.

Ask anyone in the leadership of the APS if you can lead a horse
to water and make it drink, they will all agree, yes, you can.

Ask a teacher the same question; they will tell you,
no, you cannot.

Unfortunately, teachers have no seat at the table where
decisions are being made.

And people wonder why Johnny can't read.


Anonymous said...

I think almost all teachers (and site admin if truth be told) know this is only for the benefit of "The towers" and at the convenience of His Majesty Brooks.
Brooks wants everyone Goosestepping to his tune, and much like Kim Jong Ill, he wants to stand at the balcony and see all these kids and adults doing exactly as His Grace has commanded, despite how inane those commands may be.
Some people are questioning whether or not Winston Brooks has a real personality dysfunction. I myself wonder that.

Anonymous said...

The mentality of the educrats is that all people think and act alike. This "one size fits all" educational system is dead wrong and serves only to hold students back.

Anonymous said...

That must have been some kickback~

Anonymous said...

There's a fortune to be made in selling scripted texts that require each student to have a consumable workbook.
"Being all on the same page"= scripted education = Expensive corporate tests (in the name of data collection) = a workbook bought for every student, for every year = someone making mega-$$ off of student "being on the same page".
And no, I'm not accusing King winston of making the money, but there are many ways to provide "kickbacks" other than a monetary compensation (can you say "hall of Mountain Kings fiesta" or "Want me to replace your house roof for you for free?")
Someone is going to be rich ast the expense of dumming-down our kid's education.
Thanks Winston & BOE! Morons! Sellouts!