Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Has the Albuquerque Teachers Federation acquiesced to "hiding" the truth?

I am following up on a story from Jimmy Carter Middle School. I have been told that the Union rep there has been told that, the Union has been specifically and explicitly denied the right to survey staff members who are not also Union members.

This is an important issue because there are serious problems at JCMS, and those problems cannot be solved while they are being kept secret.

The last survey done of the JCMS staff, pointed to serious problems. The leadership of the APS went to great lengths to keep the survey results secret from stakeholders. I actually had to file a formal request for public records in order to view the results. Even then, I was not given raw data, only data thoroughly cooked by the powers that be.

There is a need for another survey.

APS is unlikely to commission another Climate Survey, because they are reticent, to say the least, to quantify problems over which they have any responsibility.

I suggested that the Union conduct the survey, if APS will not.

I was told that the Union had been told that they would not be allowed to survey any staff members, or other stakeholders, who were not Union members. I have been told that litigation has been threatened if they do.

I have emailed the Union twice in a effort to find out what accommodations have been made to hide problems with the administration at JCMS. Neither email received a response.

My experience leads me to believe that the lack of response from the Union, indicates that they have knuckled under to APS leadership, again.

The losers in all of this; stakeholders as JCMS; students, parents, community, and staff.

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Jerry said...

Nothing NEW here - the union is a self serving entity, not a 'teachers' entity - and has become part of the problem.