Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weh "assault" largely ignored.

Gubernatorial Candidate Allen Weh is yet to refute the allegation made by the County Chairman of the Republican Party Rick Abraham.

, in an exchange of emails with Weh campaign director Whitney Cheshire, accused Weh of; "physically attacking" a member of his staff.

Abraham claims the attack took place in front of "many witnesses", yet will not elaborate beyond his initial accusation.

A number of bloggers have mentioned the string of emails that blogger Monahan first pointed to, link, but no one seems particularly worked up by the idea that a gubernatorial candidate may have lost his temper and actually physically attacked someone in public and in front of witnesses.

One would suppose that if the attack had actually taken place, it would be newsworthy.

One would also suppose that if the attack had not taken place, someone would deny it, and then hold Abraham accountable for a false allegation.

Whatever the truth is, it should not be hidden from stakeholders.

There are those who would not vote for the man who announced his plan to clean the Roundhouse with "a baseball bat" if they thought that was his actual intention.

Or, maybe they would, given the level of frustration surrounding the culture of corruption in Santa Fe.


Anonymous said...

At this point, we probably should be taking Weh at his word when he says he's going after the Roundhouse with a baseball bat. Literally.

The scene from the film "The Untouchables" comes to mind, in which Al Capone uses one on a colleague during dinner.

Weh is starting to scare me.

Anonymous said...

2011: Allen Weh's first meeting with House and Senate leaders in the Roundhouse:

Anonymous said...

This makes me wonder how Weh is going to react to the PPP poll showing that he's doing the WORST among all Republicans in a match-up against Lt. Gov. Denish.

Watch out, PPP!