Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Arnold-Jones on the ballot


Janice Arnold-Jones, released the following statement today:

Today was Filing Day for statewide candidates and I was pleased to file papers with the secretary of state’s office this morning, officially stating that I am a candidate for governor of the state of New Mexico.

Through the tireless efforts of hundreds of volunteer hours, we collected 2,390 signatures - far above the 1,062 required.

I am very proud that this was a purely volunteer effort, and that we did not simply rely on paid workers to obtain these signatures.

This demonstrates the kind of volunteer spirit and determination I’ve seen from New Mexicans as I’ve campaigned throughout the state these past few months. These volunteers are hard-working, dedicated and committed to making our state better.

I’m looking forward to meeting many more voters who agree with me that New Mexico can be so much more, and are ready to join our Cause to make it happen!”

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

I am an independent that usually votes Democratic.
Yesterday I got mail form the NM Democratic Victory Party. I was so offended as to how the hateful rhetoric was "in your face" in their greetin letter.
They basically say that America's enemies are the Repulicans, and how the /repulicans of NM are a "relentless" enemy, tearing down any thing that Democrats want to propose.
I have never heard Ms. arnold-Jones spoke hateful rhetoric...though I have heard pleanty from several NM Demorats, including Denish.
Thus, Arnold-Jones deserves my vote. She is not lacing her speaches with hate, and she does appear to listen and stand before the public.
NM DEMOCRATS: Your hateful rhetoricwill drive away young voters! We don't want to hear your old-man traditional hateful attitudes. And NM REPUBLICANS: the same goesfor you!
Tell us what you can do for us, instead of how you hate "the other guy"!

Anonymous said...

It is really great that you posted Rep. Arnold-Jones' statement. I really respect her for relying on all volunteers and not paid professionals to collect signatures.

A friend of mine heard one of her opponents (a certain former GOP chairman) claim on the radio Tuesday that he did NOT use paid people to get these ballot signatures, and yet someone apparently called up the station and said that HE was one of the people approached to work for pay to collect them!

It's this kind of cynical behavior that has people STEAMED about politics in NM.

We're lucky to have Janice Arnold-Jones on the ballot to fight for open government, root out corruption and create a new climate in the Roundhouse. I'll be following her campaign closely.