Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Allen Weh accused of assault on County Republican Party staff member.

Blogger Monahan provided us a link this morning, to an exchange of emails between Republican County Chair Rick Abraham and Allen Weh's campaign manager Whitney Cheshire.

Within the exchange, Abraham wrote;

"Your candidate (Weh) physically attacked one of my staff members in front of many witnesses ..."

A request has been made of Abraham, for some elaboration. His response was not received in time for this post. I will update accordingly.

The alleged assault would not seem out of character for Weh, who at one point promised to clear out the corrupt and incompetent in Santa Fe, with a baseball bat.

Cheshire's efforts to downplay this aspect of her candidate's character, re-marketing him as a "changed" candidate, have apparently been dealt a serious blow.

Update; I have received a response from Rick Abraham; he wrote;
"Unfortunately, I can not elaborate on this matter."

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Anonymous said...

This is really a disgrace. Mr. Weh's well-known reputation is on full display here, and it should give Republican voters pause before making him our nominee in June.

One has to wonder if many Weh supporters during the pre-primary season are having buyer's remorse right about now.