Monday, February 22, 2010

Grandfathering in the culture of corruption.

It is one thing to prevent public corruption and incompetence.

It is a whole other thing to prosecute it.

Unfortunately, one cannot prevent corruption without first ending it, and corruption cannot be ended except by a process that holds accountable, those who are currently corrupt and/or incompetent. And a majority of legislators apparently lack the character and the courage to hold accountable fellow politicians and public servants; people with whom they have worked for years, maybe for generations.

If the culture of corruption could be grandfathered in, holding harmless those who have in the past manifest their corruption and incompetence, legislation could and would be created to end future corruption and incompetence.

But there will be no grandfathering in of the corrupt and the incompetent; the people are in no mood to allow it. Therefore, there will be no legislation passed that might expose it; no webcasting of legislator's faces as they defend or betray the trust the people have placed in them, and no archive of video records of their conduct and competence as politicians and public servants.

Nearly every one of them would pass a law to prevent corruption, if in doing so, they could avoid holding friends and colleagues honestly accountable for their conduct and competence. They cannot, and therefore, will not pass laws that would end future corruption either.

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