Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taxpayer rape at UNM continues unabated.

In the Sunday Journal, link, we read that the good ol' boys at
the UNM have figured out a way to boost good ol' boy salaries
even more, and at the same time, defer taxes on their
outrageous salaries.

On top of that, they are being dishonest about what they are
doing. According to the Journal report;

A longstanding tradition at UNM has been to keep a
salary book in Zimmerman library listing pay for all UNM

The book, which is available to anyone who asks, lists
only base salaries.

It lists Schmidly's pay at $387,600, for example.
His total compensation package, however — which
includes the $120,000 in deferred compensation
plus housing and auto allowances — is $594,600.
There is only one reason to hide the truth; they know that
what they are doing is "wrong" and, they don't want taxpayers
to learn the truth.

The very worst thing that any public servant can do, is
everything they do in (unwarranted) secrecy. Public servants
should not be doing things that they have to hide from public

The time for full disclosure is long overdue.

It is time that the honest version of the salary book be created,
along with the honest version on all spending of tax dollars.

And then put it online, don't hide it in some dusty, dark corner
in Zimmerman Library.

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Anonymous said...

UNM and CNM often offer the same lower-level courses, and use the same textbooks, and there are instructors that teach at UNM and CNM.
However, CNM = $40/credit hour and UNM = $200+ / credit hour.
Someones doing something right at CNM, and doing something very wrong at UNM!