Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mayor Marty Appleseed wants to plant a few trees

According to the Journal, link,

"Mayor Martin Chávez wants to boost
the number of trees in Albuquerque by
30 percent over the next two years.

He said Monday the city has set a goal
of planting 75,000 new trees within
two years.

About 6.5 percent of the city is
covered by trees, the mayor said.

They help improve air quality by
holding 289,000 tons of carbon dioxide and removing 454,000 pounds of air pollutants, he said.

The city will sponsor tree giveaways and require more
trees in new developments, Chávez said.

The city parks department will also plant more trees on
city properties, he said"
Like the unrestrained city growth that Chavez also supports,
there is no mention of where we will get the water to support
his plan, or even the money to pay for the city sponsored tree

Chavez' last plan, if I remember correctly, was to rip out our
lawns, in the interests of saving precious water, followed by
another plan to plant lawns on our roofs.

This guy is just chock full of good ideas.

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