Sunday, June 28, 2009

Senator Linda Lopez, or Sheriff Greg Solano, hmmm.

On the subject of webcasting;

Sheriff Greg Solano

would have "... as many
government meetings and
press conferences broadcast
on the web as possible."


In stark contrast,
Senator Linda Lopez,

would not. She is so afraid
that webcasting will make
her look bad, that she argued
that there needs to be a narrator
for webcasts, to provide an
ongoing explanation about
why Senators may not be on
the Senate Floor when they
are supposed to be.

She was less than cooperative, when Mark Bralley and I tried
to webcast her Senate Rules Committee Meetings. link

For good reason; we were webcasting her ongoing failure to get
Ethics Commission legislation on the agenda for open and
honest discussion. She chairs the committee. She could have
put the subject on the agenda. She did not.

If you click over to Peter St. Cyr's blog, link, he's got some
video of her explaining how she was just "too busy" to get
around to the Ethics Commission.

And wait till you hear how she feels about the possibility that
the people (an Ethics Commission) might end up with too much power. link

No wonder she finds webcasting so threatening.

In contrast, Sheriff Solano's ethics reform package specifically
includes the;

Creation of an independent ethics commission.
The commission should be bipartisan and include citizens
and members of all three branches of State Government.

Clearly New Mexico, link,
has links to everything you might
want to know about Linda Lopez and her position on ethics reform.

They concluded that; Senator Lopez' Rules Committee is
the place "... where ethics bills go to die."

Mark and I argue often argue about the efficacy of election as
a tool to reform government.

He argues that, if people are really sick of the culture of
corruption, they would vote for candidates who would end it.

I argued that, voters have never been, and will never be,
offered that choice.

Apparently I was wrong.

Voters could not possibly have a clearer choice;

Sheriff Solano
is for ethics reform, and
Senator Linda Lopez is against it.

For voters with no strong feelings one way
or the other, their candidate would be
Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino, who
apparently, also has no strong feelings
about ethics reform, either one way or
the other.

When I asked him what his plan was to end
the culture of corruption in Santa Fe, all he
could come up with was; lukewarm support
for an Ethics Commission, and maybe some
more campaign finance reform.

photos Mark Bralley

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