Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Journal coverage biased.

I don't know what other word to use.

Journal education reporter Andrea Schoellkopf heard
Mayoral Candidate Richard Romero, promise to hold
himself honestly accountable to a higher standard of conduct
than the law.

He promised to forego the luxury of the law, which only
prohibits "telling lies", in favor of a higher standard of conduct
which requires "telling the truth".

More importantly, Richard Romero is the first politically
powerful person in my knowledge, to stand up as a role model
for APS students, of the APS Student Standard of Conduct;
the Pillars of Character Counts!.

APS students, in the fifteen years that they have been expected
to "model and promote" accountability to a recognized code of
ethical conduct, have never had a role model to show them
what it looks like to hold one's self honestly accountable to a
higher standard of conduct than the law, a standard of conduct
which requires telling the truth to stakeholders.

Yet in the Journal's coverage of the news conference, not one
word was written about what is nothing less than a paradigm
shift between the old ways and the culture of corruption, and
a new order; one where transparent accountability spells doom
for the culture of corruption.

How is this not "newsworthy"?

Does the Journal really not understand the difference between
"not telling lies" and, "telling the truth" about the public interests?

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