Thursday, November 06, 2008

School Board passes campaign finance reform; sort of.

Marty Esquivel's motion to ask board candidates to pretty please disclose campaign finances, has passed the board.

Candidates will now be "asked" to disclose campaign finances.

Like their "code of ethics", the new measure is completely unenforceable.

Side note; Marty Esquivel, who earned roughly tens times as many votes as I did in the 2007 election, admits spending $16,000 dollars for his campaign, or roughly $11.00 for each vote cast in his favor.

I probably spent closer to $11.00 in total.

Which begs at least a few questions;

Do we want to limit school board participation to those who can afford to pay $10 per vote to get in, or do we want to open it up to the less well hooked up?

Who can afford to spend $16,000 for a school board seat that pays far less than that, per year?

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