Friday, November 14, 2008

Allen Weh; the call for his immediate resignation

Blogger Monahan reports link that Allen Weh is looking for
character and integrity in his replacement as
Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico.

In the meantime, he and Lou Melvin, NMRP Rules Committee
Chairperson, are up to their eyeballs in the cover up of a complaint filed with the Rules Committee of the NMRP over the apparent misconduct of NMRP First Vice Chair, Jon Barela.

It is time for Allen Weh to demonstrate that there is
character and integrity in the leadership of the NMRP
already, by acknowledging the complaint against Jon Barela.

In the absence of any acknowledgment of the complaint from
Allen Weh, Lou Melvin,
or anyone else in the leadership
of the NMRP, I would argue that there is not enough
character and integrity and moral courage in the leadership
of the NMRP, for them to participate in the selection of
their replacements.

In the interests of the party, they should give the legitimate
complaint its due process or resign.

cc Allen Weh upon posting.
He will be allowed, of course, to post any rebuttal he might
have, as a comment on this post.

Important update from Peter St. Cyr's site link

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