Sunday, November 02, 2008

The leadership of the APS, and their body maps

Recollect for me please, the name of a single senior APS administrator that was "fired" by the leadership of the APS, except by means of an extended paid administrative leave and a bootfull of cash.
(usually on the order of several hundred thousand dollars)

Which begs the question;

Why can't the leadership of the APS fire a
senior administrator without paying them off?
The only answer is that fired senior administators, and their lawyers, have some leverage.

Unless you can point to another possibility; that leverage is a body map.

Former, APS Police Chief Gil Lovato said that when his body map became public, there would not be a single senior APS administrator left standing.

Rather than having Lovato expose his map to the record in an open courtroom, he was "retired" by means of$40K worth of paid leave, and
apparently will not have to reimburse the APS evidence room for
missing money.

If an organization tolerates corruption and incompetence,
then one does not rise to seniority in that organization
without a body map.

If there were any other explanation at all,
must less a good and ethical explanation,
other than that
the leadership of the APS is wracked with
corruption and incompetence,
and tax dollars are being spent to cover it up.
they wouldn't have to stonewall the question.

As a corollary;
When APS Deputy Superintendent Michael Vigil was arrested for aggravated drunk driving, APS board member Robert Lucero insisted on his immediate termination. Lucero's argument was that Michael Vigil had failed so badly as a role model for students, that he deserved termination. (In the end, Vigil continued to "work" at full salary for some time, apparently doing nothing, and then he left with a quarter mil in unwitting tax payer support for education.)

Now consider Robert Lucero's failure as a role model;
  • he voted to remove from his own standard of conduct, the phrase;
    in no case shall the standard of conduct for an adult (him) be lower than the standard of conduct for students, and
  • he voted to deny whistle blower protection to those who expose ethical misconduct by administrators or board members, and
  • he tabled a motion before the board, which would have created a policy that would require APS administrators to respond to legitimate questions, candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.
  • he voted for himself a code of ethical conduct that even he admits is completely unenforceable.
But mostly, Robert Lucero will not now stand up
and hold himself accountable as role model for students and staff.

Robert Lucero
will not answer the question;
Will you hold yourself accountable as a role model for students?
Robert Lucero cannot manifest the character and courage even
to talk about character and courage.

His lack of character and courage sets a far worse example for students, than Michael Vigil's drunk driving.

Yet, Robert Lucero will not be held accountable for his failure as a role model.

Because, in truth, there is no one in the entire leadership of the APS with any interest at all in talking about accountability. There is not one willing to be held honestly accountable as a role model of a standard of conduct which requires them to tell the truth.

Because, in truth, there is no one in the entire leadership of the APS with any interest at all in being held honestly accountable to meaningful standards of conduct and competence.

If there were, they would be standing up and demanding an immediate impartial accountability audit of the entire leadership of the APS.

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