Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Rules Committee of the NMRP continues to disappoint

Lou Melvin, NMRPRC chair, is still in hiding.

She won't move on a hearing of my complaint against
Jon Barela, and she won't respond to my questions about
her failure. She won't explain to anyone else why the rules
committee has disappeared into secrecy on the issue of
Jon Barela's apparent violation of NMRP rules.

In the absence of a good and ethical reason to delay the
process, and in the absence of any explanation of the delay
at all,

it is fair to assume that Lou Melvin's process is corrupt.

And so is everyone else with their finger in this obfuscation
of justice, and the attendant cover up.

There is more than one reason that republicans were waxed
in this last election,

and this kind of conduct by the leadership of the NMRP
is one of those reasons.

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