Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Larry Barker covers another APS scam

KRQE investigative reporter Larry Barker has uncovered
what he calls a "sweet deal" in the APS that has cost
taxpayers more than $43K. link

KRQE says there are others who have used APS facilities
without paying $10K in user fees.

$53K would pay for half of an administrative accountability audit which would reveal the shortcomings in the system that allows these transgressions.

APS Superintendent Winston Brooks is opposed to such
an audit, in my opinion, to cover up for the good ol' boys who
allow and benefit from these and other sweet deals.

No other explanation for his refusal to begin an audit,
has been placed on the table by Brooks or anyone else in
the leadership of the APS.

Bottom line; there is no reason not to do an administrative accountability audit except to protect those whose corruption and incompetence would be exposed by such an audit.

If there were, Brooks and others would not be afraid to discuss the audit on the record, They would stand up and answer legitimate questions about the public interest, and

they steadfastly refuse to do so.

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Anonymous said...

This guy is married to the principal of LBJ. Interesting that Larry Barker never mentions that. Just another example of the good old boy network.