Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NMRP Chair, Allen Weh's replacement.

Joe Monahan link reports that Allen Weh is looking for his
replacement as the state chair of the NM Republican Party.

According to Monahan, Weh said;

"... I welcome a new chairman...
(one) who has character and integrity ..."

That makes two of us who will welcome that change.

I too, am looking for a state chair who has the character and
the integrity to give due process to my complaint against
Jon Barela .

The current leadership of the NMRP, Allen Weh, and NMRP Rules Committee Chair Lou Melvin, have come up short in the character and integrity department; my complaint has been languishing in some secret hiding place for well over than a month now.

Lou Melvin is ignoring emails and refuses to explain what
she has done with my complaint.

I am told that it will likely be ignored completely.

Will my next complaint, when Barela runs against other
republicans in the February school board elections, and
again refuses to vacate his state office in the NMRP,
as required by the state party rules, be ignored as well?

Seems likely.

Character and integrity in the leadership of the NMRP;

talk is cheap.

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