Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jon Barela challenged my standing.

I am told that Jon Barela's initial reaction to my complaint
that he violated Republican Party Rules when he ran against
other republicans, for the school board seat, without first
vacating his state office in the NMRP,

was to challenge my standing as a complainant,
arguing that I had "no right" to file a complaint.

This is exactly the good ol' boy behavior that I find so disgusting. Instead of stepping up to the complaint, he apparently wants to except himself from accountability to the rules, by dragging a red herring across the trail.

Well I do have standing as a complainant, and nothing that Jon Barela wants to do about that makes a wit of difference. My standing as a complainant does not play, at least not in any venue where character, and courage, and honor play.

Jon Barela's boat floats in many seas; one of them is the APS. In the APS, Jon Barela is one of the seven most senior role models in the entire district. More than a hundred thousand people look to him to set the example; 87,000 of them are students.

The example that Jon Barela is setting for students is worse than pitiful. Not only is he showing students that they should attack their complainant rather than addressing the complaint, but Jon Barela joins the eight most senior role models in the APS, without the character or the courage to talk about character and courage.

There is not one of them, with the character and the courage to model character and courage. They have all abdicated as role models, and they all steadfastly refuse to explain, defend, deny, or even acknowledge their abdication.

Jon Barela may be good for the good ol' boys,
but he is no good at all,
for 87,000 of our sons and daughters in the APS.

Those kids deserve role models,
those kids need role models;
role models of character, and courage, and honor

not of rule bending, cowardice, and other dishonorable

there are more that enough role models of those already.

When George Washington was asked if he had chopped down
the cherry tree, should he have questioned his father's standing
as a complainant?

Is that why we tell the story to our kids?

Apparently, Jon Barela believes that it is.

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