Thursday, November 13, 2008

"APS Brass Could Use Transparency Training"

According to an editorial in the Journal this morning. link

Editors are still upset about the blatant Open Meetings Act
violations manifest in the school board's trip to Houston
last month.

The editors are concerned about;

"... the lack of transparency in having the elected body
that makes district policy and the superintendent
get together far from the prying eyes of the media and
Unfortunately for APS stakeholders, the editors still are not concerned about the lack of transparency that surrounds;
  • The scandal in the APS police department, now two years old and rapidly approaching the the deadlines of statutes of limitation which will except corrupt and incompetent senior APS administrators from accountability even to the law.
  • The scandal in the Finance Division, which was reported in the Meyners Audit, and which has likely cost taxpayers millions of dollars lost to corruption and incompetence in that division.
  • The scandal implicit in the overall lack of ethics and accountability in the leadership of the APS as evidenced by their refusal to explain, defend, or deny their refusal to begin an immediate standards and accountability audit of the administration of the APS.
  • The scandal surrounding the leaderships' refusal to even to discuss administrative rolemodeling of the student standard of conduct.
  • The lack of transparency implicit in the refusal of the leadership of the APS, to set a time, a day, and a place, where they finally stand still and answer legitimate questions about the public interests, candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.
Why are editors who are supposedly concerned with a lack of transparency, not concerned that the leadership of the APS will not answer legitimate questions about the public interests in the APS?

The editors are confounded apparently, by the obvious
connection between any lack of transparency in the APS,
and their refusing to simply tell the truth.

It really isn't that great a stretch.

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