Sunday, November 23, 2008

Huge tax savings possible.

We spend a lot of money on education.
The truth is, probably, we are not spending enough.

The problem is not that we are spending too much already.
The problem is that too much is being wasted.

Not just in education, but in every aspect of government.

All waste flows from two wells; incompetence and corruption.

Some part of every one of your tax dollars is wasted because of
the corruption and incompetence in government.

Let's say; 20 cents.

If we decided not to waste those 20 cents, it would be the same
as having 20% more tax money to spend,
without having to raise taxes even one dime.

Government tolerates and enables corruption and incompetence.

It can be made impossibly difficult to be corrupt or incompetent.

All we have to do is to insist upon meaningful standards
of conduct and competence for government employees
from the least powerful to the most.

All we have to do is to insist up honest accountability
to those standards.

Accountability according to a system that is beyond corruption,
and powerful enough
to hold even the most powerful, accountable,
and even against their will.

All we have to do in to insist upon an impartial audit;
every year.

An audit of corruption and incompetence,
an audit of the incompetent and of the corrupt.

An audit that reports directly to the public record.

It can be made impossibly difficult to get away with corruption and incompetence.

If the courthouse project were subject to intense and inevitable forensic auditing,
and everyone knew that up front,

there would not have been tax dollars wasted and
stuffed by handfuls, into people's pockets.

It can be made impossibly difficult to get away squandering the public truth and treasure.

The good ol' boys will not be the ones making it impossibly difficult to get away with being a good ol' boy and sharing in the good ol' booty.

Not without our insistence.

Not without first feeling the heat of our torches, or
the points of our forks.

We have lost control over power and resources that are fundamentally our own.

That control will not be simply given back.

It will have to be taken back against their will.

Torches and pitchforks.
What has deposed a tyrant ever,
except a popular uprising?

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