Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ethically redacted truth

It begins with the whole truth; belonging to no one because
it belongs to everyone.

Then comes redaction of the truth.
Some parts of the truth are kept secret.

If the rules of redaction are consistent with a meaningful
standard of conduct, the public interest is protected.

The only principle that applies to APS Modrall redaction is

  1. inconvenient truth will be redacted.

If the rules of redaction are;
there are no rules that apply to APS Modrall,
the public interest is not protected.

The public interest is in fact being betrayed by
public servants hiding the truth from stakeholders.

The truth is being hidden to protect the good ol' boys from
the consequences of their corruption and their incompetence.

The public interest is not being protected by the secrecy
hiding the ethics and accountability scandal
in the leadership of the APS.

Our trust in them is being betrayed.

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