Thursday, November 20, 2008

A few simple facts

In no particular order

  1. Winston Brooks will not tell the truth; he refuses to set a time, a day, and a place where he will sit and respond to any legitimate question; candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.
  2. Winston Brooks will not allow an independent standards and accountability audit of the APS.
  3. An independent audit would reveal a widespread and deeply rooted lack of accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence.
  4. An independent audit would reveal that likely millions of tax dollars are wasted in the APS annually. And that, that waste flows from corruption and incompetence.
  5. The Meyners Audit revealed that a billion tax dollars a year have been spent
    • without adequate written financially sound policies,
    • without adequate accountability, and
    • without keeping records accurate and complete enough to send anyone to jail.
  6. Council of the Great City Schools audits revealed that;

    • administrative evaluations in the APS were subjective and unrelated to promotion or step placement, and that
    • anyone who tried to hold any of them accountable for their misconduct or incompetence would fall victim in a "culture of ... retribution and retaliation".

  7. An independent audit would reveal self exception from accountability even to the law. Their record is of taxpayer funded litigation against the public interest, and in defense of their self exception to the law.
  8. Winston Brooks, the senior most administrative role model of the student standard of conduct, refuses to be held actually accountable as a role model.
  9. There is not a single senior administrator in the entire APS, who will stand up as a role model of the student standard of conduct.
  10. There is not a single member of the APS board of education, who will stand up as a role model of the student standard of conduct
  11. They struck language from their code of conduct which read;
    In no case shall the standard of conduct for an adult be lower than the standard of conduct for students.
  12. The school board's "code" of ethics" is by their own admission, completely unenforceable.
No one in the entire leadership of the APS has ever refuted
even one of these facts.

The Journal, a newspaper of record,
steadfastly refuses to report even one of these facts
to voter stakeholders.

Larry Barker has not investigated even one of these facts.

One "fact" is in dispute.
I would argue that it is a fact that
stonewalling is unethical because it is dishonest.
There are those who would argue otherwise.
But not on the record.

Everyone, that I have ever accused of anything,
has, and has always had,
the opportunity to refute anything that I have ever written.
They could not, and they will not, because they cannot.

As for myself in these matters;
I will respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly to
any legitimate question, that anyone cares to ask.

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