Friday, November 14, 2008

Jon Barela has a snowball's chance in hell

of becoming the next Chairman of the Republican Party
of New Mexico.

His only interest, at this point, in avoiding a rules committee hearing, stems from his unwillingness to take his "perp walk". wikilink.

He would rather his record not reflect that
he was removed from state office for breaking the rules.

And good ol' boys don't do perp walks anyway.

It's just not the way they roll.

Allen Weh too, would like to avoid the perp walk
for failing to enforce the rules in his command.

He too, would like to see the hearing take place after he leaves.

Or, even better, no hearing will take place at all.
Some good ol' boy will say the words that substitute for
accountability for the good ol' boys;

Let's forget about the past and look to the future.

In other words, no accountability for the good ol' boys;
they will slide, consequence free.

Self exception to the rules is the privilege of the privileged class.

It is important that we stop letting good ol' boys continue to
self-except themselves from accountability to the rules, and
from the consequences of breaking the rules.

Ignoring their misconduct just encourages more of it.

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