Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do you know your school board member?

If you passed them on a sidewalk, would you recognize them?

It is at least arguable that these people have as great an effect on our community as any other public servant. Who is your child learning more from; the school board or the mayor?

How does your representative to the APS Board of Education
comport themselves at a board meeting?

Are they one who hides their face when character and courage are on the table?

Does the lack of character and courage on the school board
trickle down to your kid? And by your kid, I mean our kids.

Where does the trickle stop?

Where is the line between character counts, and character doesn't count?

Your kid is told that their character depends on their moral courage.

They are required to model and promote the Pillars of Character Counts!

Are their teachers? their principals?
then all manner of mid level administrators and hangers on?
and then directors? then deputy superintendents?
then superintendent? and finally the school board,
required to model and promote
the Pillars of Character Counts!?

Students are accountable. Arguably, teachers are accountable.

Nobody else is.

Not the principals, not the directors, not the the deputy superintendents, not the superintendent, and not the school board.

Not one of whom will stand on the record and answer legitimate questions about administrative role modeling of the student standard of conduct.

Not one of them would replace in their own code of conduct
the following phrase;

In no case shall the standard of conduct for an adult
be lower than the standard of conduct for students.

This is not acceptable.

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