Monday, November 24, 2008

Nobody in the whole APS said a word.

The Meyners Audit
An impartial audit was done on APS' Financial Division.
The Finance Division spends well over a billion tax dollars
every year.

About one fifth of that amount is accessible to graft;

"the acquisition of money, gain, or advantage by dishonest, unfair, or illegal means, esp. through the abuse of one's position or influence in politics, business, etc." link
And has been for a hundred years.

Auditors pointed out that;
  1. policies were inadequate and financially unsound,
  2. there was not honest accountability to such policies as there were
  3. and that records were not being kept, accurate and complete enough to send anyone to jail.

Do the math.

How many millions of tax dollars have been wasted by corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS?

Who knows? And they aren't saying.

The 82 issues identified in the Meyners Audit,
did not pop up the day before the audit.
They have been there for a hundred years.

The point is;

there are people who worked in the APS Finance Division
who knew about the problems and understood the implications.
Not one
of those people blew the whistle on the problems.

And now two of them have been promoted to positions from which a cover up could be mounted.

One is now their Chief Financial Officer, and the other
is now the Director of Internal Audits.

Neither will answer the question;
Did the Meyners auditors uncover any criminal misconduct?
Not, who are the criminals, just, did you find any?

I submit as certain;
there is no reason not to tell the (ethically redacted) truth,
except that you are damned by that truth.

The leadership of the APS refuses to just stand still and tell the truth.
They spend a million tax dollars a year on a Monica Armenta version of the truth instead.

If they have nothing to hide,

why won't they name a time, a day, and a place,
where they will sit and answer legitimate questions?

... candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.

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