Saturday, November 01, 2008

APS Chief Financial Officer Gina Hickman

Seeing her in the audience of the board meeting, reminded me that no one has yet offered any explanation why she was promoted to CFO, even though she did not blow the whistle on the profound departmental shortcomings finally identified by Meyners auditors;

  • inadequate policies and procedures,
  • inadequate accountability, and
  • inadequate record keeping.
Nor have we any explanation why Michael Kimbrell, another subordinate who didn't blow the whistle on the shenanigans in the APS Finance Division, has been promoted to Director of Internal Audits.

The appointments of those who did nothing to draw attention to the problems when they were integral to them, to positions from which a cover up can be mounted, creates the appearance of impropriety.

The leadership of the APS steadfastly refuses to answer legitimate questions surrounding what could be the loss to taxpayers of millions of tax dollars wasted or stolen;

compounding the appearance of impropriety.

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