Saturday, March 06, 2010

Denish and Richardson sparring over NMPED failure.

NM's application for federal funding grants for education has been rejected.

It is time to shoot the wounded, and blame the innocent.

At the heart of the dispute; NM's losing bid for more than a hundred million dollars in federal funding for education.

The person most responsible for
the failure is a Richardson
appointee; NM Secretary of
Public Education Veronica Garcia

She headed the grant writing effort,
and the application was rejected.

Lt Governor Diane Denish says it because Garcia's group wrote an inexcusably lackluster proposal.

"It is unacceptable that New Mexico's children will not enjoy the benefits of Race to the Top funding because the grant writing team was not able to put together an application outlining a real, meaningful plan for education reform," Denish said, link.

stepped up to defend his appointee, arguing;
"The Lt. Governor's comments are inappropriate, misinformed and unproductive."
Denish's criticism;
"This type of lackluster performance is inexcusable, and I challenge Dr. Garcia and her team of educators and business leaders to develop a strong and competitive application for New Mexico."

"They were clearly looking for ideas that were innovative."

"Education Governor" Bill Richardson's people were quick to point out that Denish's only real involvement in the effort, was to write a letter of support for the grant application, in which she called NM's application; "innovative".

Richardson's office also pointed out that Denish had a chance to "roll up her sleeves" and work on the application herself, but chose not to. They say she enjoyed "many invitations" to participate personally.

Denish, through her spokesman, James Hallinan, link, denies being invited at all.

Clearly, someone is lying.

Denish needs a fight with Richardson , to erase an indelible image;

This though,was not the right fight to pick,
because her own conduct and competence,
as manifest in the grant application process,
were not above reproach.

And while they're busy blaming each other,
to give her political cover in November,
public schools are out a hundred million dollars.

photos Mark Bralley
photo from the NEA


Anonymous said...

Vote them all out! Garcia is worthless.

Anonymous said...

All 3 are liars
All 3 are incompetent
All 3 are sharks consuming public funds,and each other

Anonymous said...

I disagree Garcia is worthless.... she's more costly to us than "worthless". I personally know her incompetence, pettiness and ineptitude.