Sunday, March 14, 2010

Four real choices for Governor. One stands out.

Doug Turner lacks the gravitas.

Pete Domenici lacks the charisma.

There are four; Lt Gov Diane Denish, District Attorney Susana Martinez, Representative Janice Arnold-Jones, and retired Marine Corps Colonel Allen Weh.

For me; the choice is based on three elements; competence, character, and courage.

Though I am a conservative, I would support a liberal with competence, character, and courage, before I would support a Republican who lacked any one of them.

A rising tide lifts all boats. There is no legitimate agenda, conservative or liberal, that does not move forward on the day that the people, liberal and conservative, regain control over power and resources that are fundamentally their own.

Regaining control begins with transparent accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence for politicians and public servants within their public service.


Representative Janice Arnold-Jones record is self evident. Point to an example, where in her public service, she dropped the ball. Or, admit to her competence.

I believe, none of them is more competent to be governor,
than Rep Janice Arnold-Jones.


Rep Janice Arnold-Jones can stand again, on her record. Point to an example, where in her public service, her character was found wanting. Or, admit to her character.


If they gave medals for courage in the Roundhouse, Rep Janice Arnold-Jones would wear one for carrying the first web camera into the legislature. Point to her cowardice or, admit to her courage.

Rep Janice Arnold-Jones brings
something else to the table.

She brings it in an abundance,
she brings more to the table
that all of her opponents combined;


She can bring the best people together from both sides, and extract from them the best solutions to the problems in government. She, and they, will find the ground in the middle, without wasting time and without the puffery.

She has a goal; government that is transparently accountable to the people.

She can achieve that goal without a baseball bat.

In fact, she can achieve that goal because
carrying a baseball bat to a negotiating table,
would never occur to her.

If government doesn't work,
no legitimate agenda moves forward.

When government does work,
every legitimate agenda moves forward.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Janice sure does stand out from the crowd. The political power brokers may not understand that, but the people do. When you meet her, you just KNOW she's the right candidate and the one who can offer the most to the people.

Will enough voters understand that? Let's hope so.

Richard said...

Obviously 87% of voters in the Republican Party disagree.

ched macquigg said...


Apparently, you don't understand what happened. This was not a vote take among "Republican voters" but rather among delegates to a party convention.

The one is not the other, not be a long shot

Richard said...

No candidate who has ever failed to get 20 percent in the pre-primary (in any statewide or federal race) has won a primary in New Mexico in either party.

That's another interesting fact that you seemed to omit. Of course, it wouldn't fit your narrative, pointing out that Arnold-Jones is beyond a long shot to win the primary.

I guess the public doesn't care about someone bringing a webcam into committee rooms. Because that's about all Arnold-Jones has going for at this point.

ched macquigg said...


Jim Baca has claimed repeatedly that he did what you say has never been done. I urge you to take it up with him, not me.

I omitted the "fact" because it is a meaningless fact. You seem to believe that because something has never been done, it can never be done. I urge you to take that up with the Wright Bros.

Your guess is exactly that "your guess". Thank you so much for sharing.