Thursday, March 11, 2010

Senator Kent Cravens steps up

Senator Kent Cravens
became the second legislator
to sign on with the idea of an
Extraordinary Session,
the sole purpose of which is;
end the culture of corruption.

He has joined Senator Rod Adair
in the breach.

To be honest, Cravens doesn't share entirely, my enthusiasm and optimism over the possibilities of the session and what might be accomplished.

He is worried that it could be easily blocked, spoiled with too much extraneous legislation submitted by legislators eager to muddy the waters, and the possibility that the Governor might veto anything they come up with anyway. He is though, unafraid of giving it a shot.

I argued, we don't need to win the fight,
we just need to pick it,
so that legislators are compelled to pick a side;

  • those who speak up in favor of a bold move to end the culture of corruption and incompetence, on the one side, and
  • everyone else, on the other.
If the fight occurs before the November elections, those who hide from the question, or who obfuscate the process, can be identified for voters, and they can be held accountable in the November elections.

Cravens is a Republican, and he is running for Lt Governor.

Transparently accountable government shouldn't be a party issue, but in New Mexico, apparently it is.

So far, not a single Democrat has indicated their willingness to lock themselves in the Roundhouse, and to not leave until they have written high standards, inescapable accountability, and transparency limited only by the law.

Two then, have stood up, Senators Adair and Cravens.

The ball is rolling. The more names on the list, the more pressure will be put on the remaining legislators to pick a side in the fight, either by signing their names, or by hiding from the question in the hope it will all blow over.

You can if you want to, email your legislators and encourage them to step up an join the fight against public corruption and incompetence in state government. You can email them from here, link. Tell them that you want them to step up and join the fight, and further, if they don't, you will not vote for them in November.

It takes only a couple of minutes. I just emailed mine; Senator Cisco McSorley, and Representative Sheryl Williams-Stapleton.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Great job Ched.
If anyone were keeping "Score" on sunshine and accountability, it would be Ched=2, Denish=0
Where are your people stepping up Denish, since you tout yourself as such a fine leader????

Jerry said...

OK - I'm illiterate (educated in NM public schools), so what does '... stepping up Denish' mean? While I've been following Macquigg for quite a while now, I can't recall his ever saying that he was a fine leader - even though I believe him to be one. Gotta get back to my reading lesson ...

ched macquigg said...


thanks for your support.

I think Anonymous was challenging Diane Denish, who repeatedly calls herself a leader in ethics reform, to step up herself, or to stimulate her people to step up as a result of her "leadership".

Anonymous said...

That's what I meant.
And by the way, Just because you are not "illiterate" Jerry, doesn't guarantee you have decent Reading Comprehension... obviously.
And by the way, Ched is a leader... of the underdogs. (Thanks Ched!)