Monday, March 29, 2010

Two years not enough time to fix APS; Bob Clark

KKOB talker Bob Clark, has APS Supt Winston Brooks' six this morning.

He just told listeners that Brooks came into a system "in need of reform", and has had "only two years" to fix things.

Two years strikes me as more than enough time. In fact, I would challenge anyone to point to any reform that takes two years to realize. Reform means policy changes and procedural directive creation. Neither of those require even two months to accomplish, much less two years.

Reform is not done in the APS even two years later, because "reform" is not the top priority.

The top priority is covering asses. Reform will be accomplished as quickly as possible, but only as long as no good ol' boy will be held honestly accountable for their misconduct or incompetence.

They absolutely will not allow the individual identification of corrupt or incompetent administrators. And that kind of reform takes a lot longer than actual reform.

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Anonymous said...

Until you have the parental accountability component, you will have no reform in education.
They are only interested when they can sue. Need to put a leash on some of these lawyers as well.