Monday, March 08, 2010

City taxpayers on the hook for $11M plus, lawyers get $3M plus.

In 1995, the City Council bowed to pressure from local businesses and neighborhoods and rezoned a property to their advantage. They didn't follow state law in doing so.

And now, millions of tax dollars have been paid to lawyers on both sides, and taxpayers will be coughing up an $8.3M settlement, plus all the lawyers fees, plus interest, link.

City Attorney Bob White said, "It's been expensive".

Gee, ya think?

White claims,

"the protracted litigation has not been a waste".
The decisions in the case "will help guide land use
decisions in the state for years to come."
It is difficult for me to believe that, that guidance could not have been purchased somewhere else for a whole lot less than millions of tax dollars.

White added, "I think this case has brought some clarity that wasn't there before."

Let's hope so, we really can't afford many more lessons at this rate.

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