Thursday, March 11, 2010

Legislative competency testing

If the legislature was charged with making public corruption and incompetence impossibly difficult to hide,

  1. if they were charged with writing standards of conduct and competence that are unequivocal and meaningful,
  2. if they were charged with establishing accountability to those standards that is inescapable,and
  3. if they were charged with creating transparency in government, limited only by the law,

could they?

Are they up to it, are they competent enough?

Do they have character and courage enough?

If they aren't, if they don't, shouldn't we know about it
before they run for re-election in November?

If they can't pass that test, they will avoid having to take it.
If they can pass the test, there is no reason to not take it.
There is no reason not to demand that the test be undertaken.

Extraordinary Session; all eyes on standards, accountability, and transparency. Lock the doors. No one leaves til it's done.

Or not. Sadly it is up to them, and so far,
only one has agreed to tested,

Senator Rod Adair.
a Republican.

photo Mark Bralley

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