Thursday, March 11, 2010

it's the entrenchment, stupid

I rarely use the words Republican and Democrat because they seldom play in the issues that are important to me. Nevertheless;

Democrats need to be removed from NM state government; not because they are Democrats, but because they are members of an entrenched party, an entrenched political machine; entrenched corruption and incompetence.

That issue will not be addressed by electing more Democrats.
That would only prolong the problem.

Will the Republicans who replace them, them become entrenched themselves?

Socrates thought so; "... absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Of course they will. Despite what you read on the backside
of Democracy for New Mexico, Republicans are human,
with human weaknesses.

The trick is, this time we pay attention,
and don't let it happen.


Anonymous said...

The problem with your analysis is that Republicans, if given political power, will not have (and never HAVE had) "absolute power." Nor will either party's nominees be "perfect." That's an unreasonable and unattainable goal.

It's kind of like Iraq. If we expected them to hold elections and order their society the same way they do in Iowa or Canada, we were setting ourselves up for bitter disappointment.

ched macquigg said...

Nominees needn't be perfect, if the system doesn't tolerate their imperfections.

I would much rather have a corrupt politician or public servant holding a job in a system that makes their corruption impossible to hide, than I would like to have an "honest" politicians and a system that enables corruption.

It is the system that enables corruption without consequence that provides the irresistible temptation.

There is no temptation if there is no opportunity. Casino employees don't steal from casinos because there is no opportunity provided to steal money without getting caught.

Temptation can be removed, or substantially reduced, by removing the possibility of getting away with corruption or incompetence without consequence.