Sunday, March 07, 2010

APS' leadership's new accountability

The leadership of the APS continues its downward spiral in actual, honest accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence, link.

There was time when APS' s website offered stakeholders the opportunity to expose criminal misconduct, and even ethical misconduct, by means of a process that guaranteed anonymity to complainants, link .

The anonymity is important. A recent audit of the APS reported a "culture" in the APS, of fear of retribution and retaliation.

In 2008, the leadership of the APS promised accountability to "ethical" standards of conduct.

That accountability was important as it was validation of the leadership's sincerity as role models.

Students in the APS are expected to hold themselves honestly accountable to ethical standards of conduct, link.

The leadership of the APS used to be accountable as role models; their code of conduct read;

in no case shall the standards of conduct for adults
be lower than the standard of conduct for students."
The Board voted unanimously to strike those words from their own code of conduct. At that moment, they abdicated as role models, they excepted themselves from actual accountability as role models of the student standards of conduct;

even during the few hours a day that they hold students accountable for their character and conduct.

They did that upon the advice of their lawyers, and
upon their personal lack of character and moral courage.

Ask the senior-most
administrative role model,
APS Supt Winston Brooks,
if he is honestly accountable as
a role model, he won't answer.

He won't even look you in the eye.

Ask the senior-most executive
role model, School Board
President Marty Esquivel
if he is actually and honestly
accountable as a role model
of APS Student Standards
of conduct; he'll at least
look you in the eye.

But he won't answer.

When the question is; will you step up as a role model?
any answer except yes, means no.

Stonewalling, means no.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

and the APS Whistleblower program is a joke.
And the ATF Union does virtually nothing to protect you.
And in NM if you go to court to protect your teaching job you will almost be statistically guaranteed to lose.
And now Obama has this "Teachers suck" 4-step plan for improving schools. 3 of the 4 plans call for the "lazy" teachers to be eliminated 1 calls for teachers to work harder and longer to improve test scores through collaboration. The 4th is not so bad, but the others are very dismisssive of teachers.
Will we ever get a break?

ched macquigg said...

In response to your final question, I have consulted my Magic 8-ball,it said;
seems unlikely