Thursday, March 04, 2010

Denish's suggestion box; how's it working out for us?

Lt Governor Diane Denish's plan to end the culture of corruption was hang up a suggestion box of sorts. She called it an Efficiency Hot Line, link.

I am assuming that if it created even one efficiency, we would have heard about it.

In contrast, Rep Janice Arnold-Jones wants to give state employees to the opportunity to testify before the legislature and, under its full protection and sway.

How long before we give up on the Denish approach, and try something a little more aggressive in fighting the battle against the culture of corruption, and incompetence, and complacency, and complicity, and compliance?

photos Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen Denish's comment box?
It has a glass window in front so you can see your input being processed.
You write your concern on a little form, place it in the security sealed slot on the top. It enters the box and shreds right before your eyes.
Oh, and at the bottom of the front glass window is a bumper sticker that says "We care!" with a sunshiney smiley face.