Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Janice Arnold-Jones is one of us, unfortunately.

There is widespread agreement
Rep Janice Arnold-Jones is the
candidate best qualified to be Governor.

They is also widespread agreement
she doesn't have enough money to win.

No one has ever, or can ever, point to
any aspect of her candidacy that falls
short of any other candidate.

She has proven competence, proven character, and
proven courage.

She has everything except "their" support.
She isn't one of them.

"They" are the aristocracy;

a class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges, esp. the hereditary nobility, a privileged upper class. a group considered to be superior as through wealth, social prestige, or political power.
"They" have been running this state for generations. "They" have been deciding for generations, who will represent the interests of power and privilege in the Roundhouse.

Arnold-Jones is not one of them. She is one of us.

She has never sat around a bar getting drunk and divvying up
the spoils of politics and public service. Nor will she ever;
so she isn't one of them. They aren't going to support her candidacy.

Consequently, she doesn't have enough money to buy her election.

She is one of us, and her support will have to come from us, link.

Else, one of "theirs" is going to be elected Governor,
even though "ours" is the best qualified candidate.

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

I contacted her campaign office. I left a message offering my support and asked for how I could give money to her campaign, and if I was needed to sign the candadicy petition for governor.
No response.
Not a "Thank you", not a "this is how you can help", not even a "f$%$^$ you".
2 messages were left with her campaign manager and not a peep from him.
So, thus, whatever is whatever. Guess they don;t really want or need supporters?

Anonymous said...

Not enough money to win? I've been listening to her radio ads for over two months. Obviously she's been raising the money needed.

ched macquigg said...

Anon 1, I can't imagine what the problem was. In know she depends on volunteers and no matter how dedicated they are, mistakes happen.

Please give her another chance.

Anon 2, radio ads are relatively cheap, TV ads are more expensive.

Unfortunately, this does boil down to money at some point; many think Denish is a shoe-in because of her more than two million dollar war chest.

Michelle Meaders said...

If you want to help a candidate or learn more about them, go to their website. Just Google their name (following it with "NM" or "for" helps) and the address will usually come up. Hers is http://janiceforgovernor.com/

There are buttons on it to volunteer, contribute, contact them, and get their e-mail updates.

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous 1.
I went to the website. That's how I got the contact number.
I don't blame her, she seems like a fine lady.
However, someone answering messages for the campaign manager's voicemail, or the campaign manager, is falling down on the job.
Hoiw many people other than I have called and offered support and got no response?
I don;t blame her... but something is wrong there. I left my phone number. I left my email. No response to either.
Janice... someone doesn't appreciate supporters in your campaign office. I am sorry that I had to be the one to deliver that message.
All things considered, I WILL NOT beg a campaign office to let me help their campaign. Sorry, I won;t do that.

Thomas Molitor said...

Just finished "Game Change" about the 2008 presidential campaign. The organization, the campaign manager, the execution of message development and strategy may be more important in winning an election than the candidate. Naturally, money fuels all of these activities.