Thursday, March 11, 2010

There is one other possibitity; ok, two

There is one considerable problem with calling an Extraordinary Session of the Legislature; it can be hijacked.

I don't see that as a problem.
The worst case scenario is that we know their names.

It would be "impossible" to hijack it anonymously;
someone has to stand up somewhere and say
"Let's do this other dumb ass thing, before we legislate
transparent accountability to meaningful standards of conduct
and competence for politicians and public servants."

He will be on the record obfuscating real ethical reform.

If we can't stop him, we will at least be able to tell voters his name. Hell, we'll "link" to archives of robust webcasting; we'll show voters incontrovertible proof of the betrayal of the trust
that has been placed in them.

After the November election, they won't be a problem anymore.
And then we will have a legislative session whose sole purpose
is to create for us, the state government we deserve.

The other possibility is that the Senators and Representatives that have the character and courage to call for a show down on reform, will simply present the number of signatures necessary to convince the Governor to call a Special Session, with a three item call;

  1. standards, and
  2. accountability, and
  3. transparency limited only by the law.
The threat of hijacking is removed.

The third possibility, is that they,
the Republican Candidates for Statewide Office,
promise the one thing that really can be accomplished on the day after they are sworn in; a call for a Special Session of the Legislature.

The promise is the least promising; the difference is the same
difference as between talking the talk, and walking the walk.

Some how, some way, some day (before the next election), the character and courage of this legislature must be tested, before they run for re-election.

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