Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rod Adair is the first to respond;

every one else will be among the last.

I issued a personal challenge every single state legislator
(subject to the limitations of the legislative website, link)
to call themselves into an extraordinary session
for the purpose of ending public corruption and incompetence.

Senator Rod Adair
is the first
to pick up the gauntlet.

Mr. MacQuigg:

The idea of an extraordinary session has already been tried—just at the end of the regular session on February 18.

It actually requires 26 senators’ signatures, which was not a problem—there were probably more than 30 of us who signed the petition. The problem was in the House of Representatives, which needed 42 signatures. They could not get more than 25.

The same situation exists today: the Senate could probably easily meet the requirements of an extraordinary session, but the House will not come close to doing so.

I hope this helps.

Rod Adair
State Senator
Chaves & Lincoln Counties
I hope there's still a copy of the petition lying around somewhere.

I would like to know which of them had the character and the courage to sign their name, and which did not.

Every single Representative is up for election in 8 months.

This is an election issue.

I say, if their name isn't on the petition,
we should vote them out of office.

The petition could play as soon as the Primary Conventions this weekend.

Several Candidates are sitting legislators and whether their names are on this petition or not, counts.

Their character counts; their courage counts, and
their competence counts.

photo Mark Bralley

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