Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Denish can offer no proof of resisting the culture of corruption.

Lt Governor Diane Denish is impaired in her run for Governor, by an administration rife with corruption and incompetence. There are those who have argued, she was either complicit in the corruption, or complacent about it, and is therefore, unfit to be Governor.

Her only defense; repeated proclamations that she is in fact,
a leader in ethics reform.

Jim Scarantino called her bluff, link.

He asked her to produce any and all public records of her efforts
to curtail any of the rot in the Roundhouse. He filed a request
for public records including;

Any and all communications by the Lt. Governor Diane Denish and/or any member of her staff to the Governor Bill Richardson and/or any member of his staff concerning or containing information about public corruption, “pay to play,” ethics reform and/or state contracts being awarded to contributors to the election committees and/or political action committees of the Governor or the Lt. Governor. This request specifically covers any communications by Lt. Governor Diane Denish in which she expressed concern to the Governor about corruption, allegations or the perception of corruption, rewarding political contributors with state contracts, and investigations being conducted by the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
She was unable to produce even one record. Not one.

Wouldn't a "leader" in governmental reform have created at least one record that documented the effort? One would think there would be many.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod. If Denish had written but one single memo to Richardson saying, "Enough. I will not be part of this," she could have come out a hero in this story and had some good material for a campaign ad. Jim Scarantino

Anonymous said...

Denish: lazy and useless.
She fills she is automatically entitled to the governorship.
Newsflash Denish: there is no "royalty" in the USA anymore.
You are not automatically entitled to anything!
Work for it!
----A NM Democrat now voting for a Republican candidate